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hacking linux - find an unkown command for a desired function in a special linux distribution

If you use linux everyday, sometimes you post a problem on the newsgroup, someone would tell you a command called foobar would solve the problem. But when you type foobar in terminal, it shows "-bash: foobar: command not found", then you may wondering whether linux is as good as said, or whether your distribution is as good as others, or people had given a wrong answer. Stop wondering now,

I met the problem sometimes. and got the solution by "man -k command" .

Case 1: when i use ant files to build eclipse project, error occurred as "ant: /bin/sh^M: bad interpreter: No such file or directory." , which is described on the post:
Use eclipse with ant to deploy your java project -- from beginning of env setup to ant build .

I googled and find a post on apache mailing list, people suggest use unixdos to convert text file "ant" from dos format to unix format. I type unixdos, failed with "command not found". After thinking a while, I type :
$ man -k dos |grep -i unix
ExtUtils::MM_DOS (3) - DOS specific subclass of ExtUtils::MM_Unix
fromdos (1) - convert DOS text file format to UNIX
mcopy (1) - copy MSDOS files to/from Unix
mtools (1) - utilities to access DOS disks in Unix
todos (1) - convert UNIX text file format to DOS

Yes, fromdos, it is what i am finding. here i use man and grep to find the proper command.

Case 2: I need to convert GBK encoded text file to UTF-8 format. and googled around several times, couldn't get any useful info.

%man -k convert |grep -i encoding

the command could not find any useful command, thought it a lit while, hmmm, i need a command for character conversion

%man -k convert | grep -i character
%man -k conversion |grep -i character

fwprintf [wprintf] (3) - formatted wide character output conversion
iconv (3) - perform character set conversion
iconv_close (3) - deallocate descriptor for character set conversion
iconv_open (3) - allocate descriptor for character set conversion

Yes, iconv is exactly what i need.

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