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Google is dangerous

Nowadays, excellent developers use google to help them solve problems or learn
new things. If you post an article on a newsgroup saying that you use yahoo
or baidu.com to hack a problem, someone would tell you "developers all use
google to solve problem".

Yes, it is true, google has been more 'n more important in our life, and it
does help, especially for developers. Sometimes, I spend a whole day or more
in googling a solution (it does has great help).

The problem is, when I use google more and more, someday I found that even I
need google to find some common knowledge. But I think these googled common
knowledge and other similar( ungoogled ) should be learned from books or an
official web site.

The keypoint is, there are lots of common knowledge, if I don't know these
things, even i don't kown what to google; Also when using google to learn a
new technology, it would cost much time than deserved when you know little
about the technology.

So if i use google more 'n more, i would be more 'n more lazy, impetuous.

The solution: to read more books, and learn from newgroups, some website.

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Paula said...

You write very well.

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