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"You can't load TkCximage", could not run amsn as normal user

gaim or Kopete would miss lots of messages. what's the most worse is file transfer often fails. so i tried amsn under linux as MSN messenger.

I download amsn 0.96 from linuxpackages for the slack package.
First time when i run ./amsn, it said "exec wish" failed, then I googled and installed TCL/tk in the slackware 11 second ISO file.

Then run ./amsn, it said could not find ComboBox, oh, then googled and find that the package is installed by root, and normal users does not have the rights of /usr/share/amsn/utils/combobox. So I chown the rights to a normal user. Still, it said "You can't load TkCximage, this is now needed to run aMSN. please compile amsn first..." , oh, God, the cause is /usr/share/amsn/ and all it's sub-directories doesn't have the execute permission, so can't load TkCximage.

Then I logged in xfce as root , run amsn, it works. So I tried to give all subdirectories under /usr/share/amsn/ with execute permission, ( add execute permission for all subdirectories under folder ):
#cd /usr/share/amsn/
#find ./ -type d -exec chown david.users {} \;
#find ./ -type d -exec chmod +x {} \;

then logged as normal user david, run ./amsn, it works now.

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